Leadership Team

It’s our conviction that good leadership draws its life from drinking from the cup of Christ. In doing this biblical leadership is counter cultural, it goes against the grain of worldly thinking. The measuring stick is always character and not about gift alone! By this we mean that leadership is expressed in serving rather than being served, giving away your life for the sake of others and it looks for success through being last not first. Hierarchy, a desire for a title, power or control is not present in the leadership of Christ so should not be present in our lives. However Jesus has authority and power invested in Him by the Father for the purpose of bringing about His Kingdom. So too we believe that He endows leadership with that same authority and we must recognise that authority and as scripture clearly instructs us, we should give ourselves to it.

‘Team’ is vitally important to us. Our future is secured not by charismatic individuals but by a healthy and strong team. We invest as much time in our relationships as a leadership team as we do in doing the ‘business’ as we believe that this is what Jesus modelled.

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Members of our leadership team

Adrian tinyAdrian Lowe
Adrian leads the leadership team here at ACC. He is married to Marion and have been married for over 25 years. They have one son, Ed, of who they are really proud. Having spent nearly 30 years in the retail industry Adrian felt the call of God to serve in a staff capacity in leading the local congregation here at Amblecote. Leadership is his passion, and he serves in this capacity in many different forums, both in faith environments and non-faith environments, finding both very rewarding. The last few years has been a journey of understanding more about the amazing work of Jesus at Calvary. Adrian has a passion to do his best to communicate the growing understanding of what he is learning.

david tiny

David Faulkner
David is a lawyer working in the city of Birmingham with a specialism in Employment Law. He is married to Philippa and they have two daughters, Bethany and Rebekah. David has a passion for scripture and its place in both the life of the local congregation and the individual believer. He has a strong teaching gift that is obvious not just in his preaching but also in the friendships and relationships that he makes. Both this strength and his love for people make him a source of wisdom and stability for the team as a whole.

phil tiny

Phil Cook
Phil has been employed by the Church for over 30 years and works three days a week. His primary responsibility is leading the midweek congregation of nearly 100 older people called New life. This group meet every Thursday for lunch and a time of spiritual reflection and song. Phil serves on the Leadership team and is recognised as having a strong pastoral gift. Phil has been happily married to Anne for over 40 years and they have 4 children and 4 granddaughters and 1 grandson.

john cook 2

John Cook
John is a full-time worker at Amblecote Christian Centre. From 2008 to 2010 John worked in the local community pioneering the Brierley Hill Project for 4 days a week. In November 2010 John came back to ACC full time to work on a number of initiatives. He is the Operations Manager at the Brierley Hill Project and also helps to co-ordinate a network called GENnet which aims to unite a generation across the Black Country in seeing the Kingdom of God established in the region. He also serves on the board of many different charities across the region including, Krunch, and The Black Country Food Bank. John is a director of the church charity. John is married to Belinda and they have two beautiful children.


Tim Barton
Tim is married to Liz and they have a young son Lucas. Tim worked with his brother in web design before taking on a paid position at ACC in 2008 working with the young people. He has a passion for teaching, a passion for supporting and developing people, and all things creative. He also works within the communications team at ACC attempting to improve communications throughout Church and charities life. Tim is one of the facilitators of the Dudley Youth Leaders Network and also works in partnership with youth organisations across the Dudley borough.

richard tiny

Richard Clark
Richard is a lawyer working for our local authority the Dudley Metropolitan Borough Council. Richard has two children Joel and Jessamy. Richard’s passion for the Gospel and it’s outworking in his own life and the lives of believers is a guiding focus for the Leadership Team. His analytical ability combined with a strong deposit of Godly wisdom is invaluable to the teams decision making processes.