We aspire to be

We aspire to be

christcentred both

Our goal is to ensure that in all things and in all ways we have Christ at the centre of our lives, individually and as a church family. Jesus must take centre stage. We do not want to build our lives on inspirational people or a programme of events.

outward both

We want to live in the selflessness of the gospel: Simply, a life that aims to put others first. Jesus said: “Go into all the world and make disciples.” Perhaps we need to think more of God’s plan for meeting the needs of others, rather than our own.

relationships both

We are created by God to have strong, authentic relationships: This is essential in God’s Kingdom. Remember, God’s original plan is for us to be His family where He is Father.

part both

In our church community we want there to be mutual loving care and spiritual nurture. Christ calls every member of the church family to participate in His shepherding care. He values all of us equally.

disicpleship both

We are committed to submit our whole lives to the Lordship of Christ. Our discipleship should affect for example, where we shop, how we spend our money and the nature of our relationships. It should involve every area of our lives.

gifts both

It is our desire to recognise, encourage and release people’s talents and gifts for the benefit of those within and outside the church community.