What we believe

We live in a world where everyone believes what they want to believe. The reference point for our beliefs that in turn governs our behaviour largely boils down to ‘what I think’. It could be said that we approach what we believe in a pick and mix fashion depending on what suits us and what seems logical and reasonable to us. However, God has our freedom and welfare in mind when He gives us very clear instructions and commands. When we live within these boundaries made for us by Him we can then be the people He has designed us to be. Therefore it is important that He shapes our beliefs through His word as revealed in scripture. Human life works properly only when it is conducted within the guidelines of the ‘owner’s manual’, the commands of God. It is therefore essential that we are clear what our ‘owner’s manual’ says.

With this in mind we would say that it is important to state what we believe because it enables us, to live in a God honouring way, because what we believe shapes who we are, we protect our community of believers and promote accountability and in doing so we take a stand for authentic Christianity.


What we believe – Papers and Resources

statement of faith


A Statement of faith – Three parts in one!




marriage paper


Marriage and Divorce Paper