God delivers by Tim Barton

“And they all lived happily ever after” or maybe not? 

Although we all love the fairy-tale ending with everything nicely working out you may be surprised that the statement above is not in the Bible! Nor is it suggested in many (if any) of the stories and teachings of the Bible. For those of you who have been alive long enough you will probably have noticed by now that life isn’t a Disney movie, and unfortunately things rarely have a nice tidy ending where the heroes are victorious and the villains get their due. 

This is certainly the case here in Exodus 14 as we see God’s hand deliver the Israelites out of Egypt and into freedom. God has brought judgement on the Egyptians, He has crushed their prideful spirit with the power of the plagues and yet even now, as the Israelites begin to walk into freedom, Pharaoh changes his mind and pursues the people of God to bring them back into slavery. 

What will the Israelites do? 

As we look through Exodus 14 on Sunday we will see how quickly the Israelites fall back into the spirit of slavery, believing that God has brought them out of Egypt to “kill them in the wilderness.” We will see how God lovingly uses the plans of the enemy to teach His people how to put their hope and trust in Him, and begins teaching Israel how to walk in the freedom that God has won for them.

God comes through for His people! As He always does, miraculously parting the Red Sea for them to literally walk into freedom. However, the greater challenge for Israel will be to learn to trust God and always look to Him for salvation. Israel will face many challenges in the future but if they can learn who their God is, and who they are, then they will be victorious and live in true freedom. 

Moses’ words ring true for us today just as they did for God’s people then; 

“Fear not, stand firm, and see the salvation of the Lord, which He will work for you today.” Exodus 14 v 13