Harvest Celebration – More Than Enough

Matthew 14: 13-21 tells us the story of the Feeding of the Five Thousand. This begins with Jesus slipping away to a quiet, remote area to be alone. However, we are told that multitudes followed him and he took pity on them and began to heal the sick. He continued to do this until it started to get dark and the disciples realised how late it was. “The people will be hungry”, they told Jesus, “send them away so they can buy food”. Jesus answered, “You feed them.” We will all, I’m sure, be familiar with this story and the result when Jesus blessed the five loaves and two fishes that were brought to him by a little boy. More than enough! All the people ate as much as they wanted and twelve baskets of leftovers were collected!

This Sunday we are celebrating the Harvest season. We will bring along food for the Foodbank to share with those in need. Some of us will give from the plenty they have, others will give from the little that they have. Some may not have enough to give at all and may be or have been in receipt of provision from the Foodbank. As Jesus fed the hungry people he made no distinction in who received what – they were all given as much as they needed and there was more than enough.

Over the summer there were lunches provided for many children in need of a hot meal and we will also be catching up with how this happened and some of the results. Many of us gave our time, prayer or money to do this – and through this God provided more than enough.

We may or may not be in a time of plenty in our lives at this time. We may or may not feel that we have more than enough. But we do know that God takes what we give him and multiplies it. Like a seed sown into the ground that produces flowers or fruit with even more seed, God will provide all that is needed from the little we have to offer to him.

So let us bring along our gifts as well as our thankful hearts in gratitude for all that God has done and is doing in our lives knowing that with Him there will always be more than enough!

Heather Barton