Rediscovering Advent Part 4

“And she gave birth to her firstborn son and wrapped him in swaddling cloths and laid him in a manger, because there was no place for them in the inn.” Luke 2 v 7

We’ve all seen the school nativities, the moment the child inn-keeper throws open the door of the home made inn and declares boldly, ‘Sorry, there is no room at the inn.’ Perhaps it is our over-familiarity with the reality that Jesus was born in a stable that prevents us from entering into the wonder, scandal and awe of what actually. In fact, the writer of the Gospel of Luke doesn’t even make a big deal about it, he simply states the facts ‘there was no place for them in the inn.’

What a tragedy these simple words convey! Imagine there was a royal visit from the Queen of England, or a presidential visit to the country. The town is all of a hustle and bustle, the hotels are booked up, even the Airbnb’s are full. Imagine being the person who had to go and inform the Queen or President that they would be spending the night in a cold, damp, dusty garage. We know this would never happen, not for mankind’s powerful and important people! And yet, our own saviour, the King of all glory, the one through whom ALL things were created, was happy to find room in a manager, hidden in a stable.

What does this say about our saviour? What does it say about our Father’s willingness to pursue His plan of redemption and salvation regardless of mankind’s willingness or readiness to receive Him. And what does it say to us? Is there room to receive Him in our lives today?

Advent helps us to remember the coming of Christ in flesh in Bethlehem, but it also helps us prepare ourselves for the coming of Christ daily in our hearts. Is there room in our hearts for the King of glory? Astonishingly He doesn’t need a palace, he doesn’t need a fanfare or even a nice tidy space, He simply needs room. Room to be born in our hearts.

This Advent let us joyfully prepare our hearts for Him. Let us push aside the busy-ness and faff of Christmas and create space for Christ to be born in our hearts each day.

Join us this Friday 30th November, 7.00pm for our Advent Launch Night. Create space in your diary to spend time creating space in your heart this Christmas.