Sunday 7th January – Impossible!


Over the many years of knowing and loving Jesus and in the wide and varying circumstances of life, I have been prompted to ask lots of questions. How did I come to be here? Why the Midlands? Am I in the right place? Or, why has this happened now? The timing seems so inappropriate, inconvenient or just plain wrong! Have I missed an opportunity? Have I got what it takes for…? There have been many more questions.

When life seems to deal us a good hand many of these questions are nowhere to be seen, they are simply not on our radar. However when contrary winds cross the bow of our life we often feel completely different. Particularly when we face stormy seas, even though He’s in the storm, our fears distort our perspective, our doubts shape us and our view of the Lord looks completely different, just like the disciples in the boat when Jesus comes walking on the water. Life often seems like a lottery.

The opening chapters of Luke’s Gospel record the events and happenings that form part of the Christmas story, however they disclose a completely different narrative. As we read these first chapters it becomes very clear that we serve a God who is Lord of time, people and place. As we travel with Luke through these opening pages of his writing we watch as God is revealed as sovereign over all the affairs of humankind. Whether it’s a ‘past it couple’, a betrothed teenage girl or a faithful old man waiting for a promise to be fulfilled, we see as the apostle Paul says; He is Lord OVER ALL, He is IN ALL and, believe it or not THROUGH ALL.

On Sunday we will thumb our way through these pages and we will be confronted by, challenged by and comforted by, the sovereignty & supremacy of God.