Sunday 17th September – Living it Differently

Living it!
Living the life Jesus calls us to live

Jesus says in John 10 v 11 “I came that they may have life and life to the full!”

This Sunday we kick off our Autumn series returning to the Sermon on the Mount found in Matthew 5-7. In this, His largest recorded sermon, Jesus lays out a picture of what the people He is calling together will look and act like. This will be a people not defined by sin and rebellion, or indeed by the law and the prophets, but instead defined by and sustained by Christ Himself. Through Him, a new people will be created, these people are the salt of the earth, a light shining in the darkness, living out a Christ-centred life in their everyday lives.

As followers of Jesus nearly 2000 years later these words are as relevant to us today as when they were spoken. They ring true in our ears and are clear before our eyes. They are like a map, on a difficult journey, giving us hope and purpose. They are like a divine GPS giving us directions, saying turn right here, when we are convinced it must be a left!

Jesus promised to bring life and life to the full! But this life isn’t just available in heaven when we die, it is a life to be lived now, in our time, today. The Sermon on the Mount gives us one of the best pictures in all of scripture of what the Kingdom established through Jesus actually looks and feels like. As we read through Jesus’ carefully chosen words we get a sense of what the Kingdom of God is like, and how we, as part of that Kingdom, are called to be.

Our hope in this series is that the words of Jesus would pierce of hearts and grip our imagination. That He would inspire and call us to a life that truly is of a heavenly Kingdom. That through the power of Christ in us we would be called, led and inspired to live the life we were called to live.

Tim Barton