Sunday 20th May – Money And Anxiety

There is a page on the NHS website titled “How to cope with money worries”. Our society has arrived at a place where anxiety over money is so widespread that it is a recognised illness alongside the common cold and influenza. Of course, it’s not just the NHS that’s offering help. If you do a quick Google search for “anxiety about money”, in a mere 0.45 seconds the search engine responds with 31.8 million results, article after article, all following the same format; “X ways to conquer anxiety about money”. The vast majority of the advice being offered today is something akin to pain relief, temporary solutions to cover the symptoms. A small proportion of the advice strikes a little deeper, advising the patient to learn contentment and to curb bad habits, but even these seem to be missing the heart of the matter.

I wonder how the popular medical journals would respond if we wrote to them claiming that we had uncovered the work of a Great Physician from some 2000 years ago and that he had found the silver bullet, the remedy that goes directly to the core of the issue and deals with it at its source. Reports indicate that when the patient comes to an understanding of who God is and how he loves and provides for all of creation, the tendrils of anxiety loosen their grip and the patient goes on to enjoy increasing degrees of freedom so long as they keep their focus upwards and not inwards.

Join us this Sunday for a special kind of heart surgery as we listen to the teaching of Jesus, our Great Physician, concerning Money and Anxiety in Matthew 6:25-34

Andrew Mcfaul