Sunday 25th February- Justice Morning – “Come On In”

During the heat of the day and tired from travelling Jesus stops to rest at a well near the town of Sychar in Samaria. A lone Samaritan woman comes to draw water and Jesus asks for a drink. The woman is surprised when He speaks to her. Jews did not speak with Samaritans, men were not supposed to speak with women unless their husbands were present & Rabbis did not speak to women with shady backgrounds! Through His grace however, Jesus, fully aware of all her failings still reaches out to her. Isn’t it reassuring to know that our Lord is prepared to engage with every single one of us, whatever, whenever?

When we meet someone for the first time, how do we regard or relate to them? I suppose it depends on many factors including our own personalities and the situation. It does seem though, that no matter what the circumstances are, most of us do a quick assessment & within a very short period of time have generally formed some opinions about the stranger in front of us. Furthermore, how often do we stop and consider those people we will never meet? For example the very people we actually depend upon in order to enjoy the lifestyle we have become accustomed to.

Come this Sunday prepared to find out about people you are unlikely to ever meet and hear more about the un-named woman at the well. Everyone has a life story!

Michaela Vallance