Lorry to Romania 2017

I am pleased to say that at last we have secured some storage space for goods bound for Caminul Felix the orphanage A.C.C. support in Romania.

So whereas before I was asking possible donators to hold off on donations, I can now say that if you have anything you wish to send please get in touch with me Ray Gibbs on 01384918975. We hold our breath as normal and wait to see what the Lord needs for us to send.

Also if you wish to send Christmas presents to the children you sponsor, this is the cheapest method of getting them there.

Please if you are thinking of donating ask yourself if it would be something you would like to receive.

Some practical ideas would be basics like towels, bed linen, screw in light bulbs, cups, mugs. Then there are things like decent children and adult’s clothes including new underwear items.

Really if you believe God is encouraging you to send please get in touch.

We will also be running the shoe box appeal shortly. I am in the process of getting some wrapped shoeboxes. As soon as they are available we will hand them out.

Ray Gibbs