The Latest from Our Children

This week Madge Martin sent in this lovely photo from Sunday morning. For those of you who don’t know Bubbles and Splash are our groups for 3’s-8’s on Sunday mornings. Here is a little bit about what they have been up to…

“Over the last few  months the children have been looking at Bible heroes. On Sunday we looked at Samson. How his strength was in his hair. So we could remember we made seed heads. This is because he was dedicated to God. If you want to be reminded remember to keep giving your head a little water!”

A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to see Ben Wilmott lead a story with the groups, here is a picture of him using a water spray bottle to teach about Gideon asking God to send him a sign in the form of a wet fleece on dry ground and then making it dry on wet ground! What a privilege to have young people leading other young people… In writing this I have been reminded of what Lynda Parkes shared on Sunday morning after noticing Lucas just watching in awe as Nic Burrows played the drums. There is so much we can learn from children, they can shape us, they can share with us, they can inspire us and I believe God can speak powerfully through them, I have to remind myself to give them opportunity and God opportunity to speak through them!