YWAM update by Jessamy pt 2

G’day mate! (If you haven’t read my article last week- I’m going to Australia!) Just a brief recap for those who have slept since the previous article. As of January 2019, I will be doing a 6-month programme with the organisation Youth With A Mission- YWAM. The first 3 months are in Perth, Australia attending a Discipleship Training School (DTS) where my focus will be youth work. The next 3 months will be me putting this into action in South-East Asia, visiting countries in need, and reaching communities to share the Good News with young people there.

I have been struggling to know how best to spend this time during my gap year and I have had many different options floating around, but one of these seemed to fit quite right. I have had a great support network around me of people praying for me and encouraging me, but I still couldn’t see clearly where God was calling me to go. Last month I went to an evening service at Gas Street Church where I prayed that God would send me where he wanted me, and after the meeting I spoke with a girl who had done a DTS with YWAM! I researched into this and prayed and really felt God’s perfect timing and calling upon this. I am confident that a DTS will set me up with a great foundational basis to build my life upon. I also believe it is so important for me to take some time out to refocus as I am so easily distracted and forget to make time for God.

As great as this opportunity is, it will unfortunately cost money to get me to Australia L. The costs including visas and flights in approximately £6,500. This is obviously a lot of money, but I am trusting in God that he will provide, if this is where I am called to be. If you feel willing and able to support me financially then any donations would be most gratefully welcomed! I would really appreciate if you, as my church family, would consider and pray over this.

I am aware that lots of you have shown amazing generosity to my brother, Joel, who is doing a year internship with UCCF. I appreciate there will be people who are not in the place to support financially, or if you are simply fed up of giving to the Clarks, there are other ways in which your support would be just as valued! Prayer support is vital as this will be a very intense and testing 6 months, where I am sure I will be challenged and stretched. If a group of people could gather around me to pray continually for opportunities to encounter more of God, and for him to work in me and through me in new exciting ways, this would be massively appreciated.

Lastly another way you can support me is by attending my event on Sunday 25th November, 5pm-7pm!!! Tickets will be £4 or donation, and this will be a fun evening of quizzes and games with food and space for the whole family. I will also be sharing more information about my time away and the ways in which you can support me.

Jessamy Clark