ACC Stream is a blog. It is a way of capturing thoughts, stories and testimonies that  support our journey towards loving God first and loving our neighbours.

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  • God Speaks:  Exodus 3: 1-22 As Christians we often refer to several key and pivotal stories from the bible. Stories which are so well known and spoken about, we expect most people to be able recite the key themes at the drop of a hat. The beginning of Exodus, chapter 3 is no different. The […]

  • I wonder if you’ve ever longed for a ‘burning bush’ moment? If you’ve been a Christian for any length of time then I am sure there have been times in your life when you have desired to encounter God in such a miraculous and marvellous way as Moses did when God spoke to Him through […]

  • This Sunday we welcome guest speaker Mike Royal. Mike leads on church engagement for Cinnamon Network, an organisation that supports churches in reaching those most in need in their community. He is the former national director of Transforming Lives for Good (TLG) and has 25 years’ experience of church ministry. As we continue to seek […]

  • Exodus comes from a Greek word meaning “departure.”  It’s a continuation of the Genesis account, dealing with the development of a small family group of seventy people into a large nations of millions.  Near his death, at the end of Genesis, Joseph’s father, Jacob, surveyed the children with which God had blessed him.  Filled with […]