ACC Stream is a blog. It is a way of capturing thoughts, stories and testimonies that  support our journey towards loving God first and loving our neighbours.

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  • This Sunday we continue our short series in the book of Jonah. For some of us the story is familiar; for all of us, it’s unusual, perhaps even amusing – a man runs away from God, is the only one sleeping in a storm at sea, pretty much volunteers to be thrown overboard and is […]

  • The Story of Jonah Quite a story!  He was reluctant to go to Nineveh and not without good reason.  These were, to say the least, not the nicest people in the world: they were “bad people”, they were total heathens!  More than that, as a bible believing Jew Jonah would have read the prophecies of […]

  • This little gem of a book is more than a story about a man eaten by a great fish, it is another perfectly cut diamond revealing to us once more the willingness of the Lord to restore to Himself a disobedient individual and a wicked city. In this article I would like to set a […]

  • Unfortunately, due to a technical issue, this week’s service has not been recorded. Apologies to all