Sunday 15th April – Jonah Part 2



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This Sunday we continue our short series in the book of Jonah.

For some of us the story is familiar; for all of us, it’s unusual, perhaps even amusing – a man runs away from God, is the only one sleeping in a storm at sea, pretty much volunteers to be thrown overboard and is then swallowed by a great sea creature.

But beneath these strange events there lies a serious and challenging message, which starts to come to the fore in chapters 2 and 3, the focus of our time together this Sunday.  For in the depths of his despair, Jonah cries out to God and is marvellously rescued, then sent on his way to where he was meant to go in the first place.

Like Jonah, we too are sent by God into the world, with all its challenges and ungodliness – Matthew 28 v. 16 – 20.  If you’re anything like me, we too run away, preferring our own direction and priorities.  So the two questions that face us this Sunday are these:

What does God have to do in us to set us back on the course He has commanded us to follow?  That’s chapter 2.

What should we then do?  That’s chapter 3.

The results in Nineveh were a great work of God’s grace.  Could we see that in our time too?  Maybe so, as God does His work in us and in response we then go.

David Faulkner