Sunday 16th November – Living the life Jesus calls us to live



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This Sunday we finish our ‘Living It’ series. What an impacting series it has been looking through the powerful and relevant words of Jesus in His Sermon on the Mount. Over the weeks we have seen how Jesus not only affirms the law, but in fact raises the bar on what is expected for those who follow Him. We have seen how Jesus calls us to a greater expression of right living and inner purity and yet simultaneously offers grace and mercy for every one of us as we fall short of this in our daily lives.

This Sunday we close our series with a panel interview with Andrew McFaul, Michaela Vallance, Liz Barton and David Faulkner. Through discussion we shall look together at how we can apply the words of Jesus and what impact living the life Jesus calls us to live has in our day to day lives.

None of those on the panel are experts and none of them claim to be ‘living it’ perfectly. But wrestling together with the words of Jesus we will see how this incredible teaching given nearly 2000 years ago is as revolutionary and transformational today as it was back then.

Join us Sunday as we look once again at living the life Jesus calls us to live.

Tim Barton