Sunday 4th February – Science and Faith



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This Sunday we continue our series, “Questions of our Time”.  This week we’ll be taking a brief look at questions of science and faith.

The question, “Hasn’t science disproved God?” is a curious one.  As we’ve seen already in our series, the prevailing wind of our culture is that no-one can claim to know the truth – no-one should be allowed to push their views on to someone else.  In fact, in many universities up and down the country there are students who are contending for an environment where they can be free from having to hear views that offend or even challenge them.  As many people have pointed out, that’s the opposite of what university should be all about, but what it shows is the essence of post-modernism – everything’s relative, reject everything that sounds authoritarian, decide your own truth.  Whether you’re an 18-year old or an 80-year old, if you listen carefully, you’ll come across that kind of belief every day of your life.

It’s strange then that many people who sign up to those kinds of views would answer the question, “Hasn’t science disproved God?” with a resounding “Yes”.  Science does have authority – certainly for many secular Westerners, it has far more authority than the Christian faith.  Scientists can tell us what’s true and very few people mind when they do.

On Sunday, we’ll spend some time listening to why people assume that science has disproved God.  We’ll reflect on a Biblical, authentically Christian assessment of it.  And we’ll suggest some ways in which we might respond in a way which both honours God and shows love to the people we rub shoulders with in our daily lives.

David Faulkner