Sunday 6th May God At Work



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We serve a living God. A God who is alive and active in the world around us and of course in our own lives too. Sometimes in the business of life we can forget about God’s amazing work, reaching the lost, transforming lives, and bringing His Kingdom to earth. This Sunday we want to take some time together to hear a few stories of the work that God is doing in people’s lives today.

Psalm 78 says; “He planted a witness in Jacob, set his Word firmly in Israel, Then commanded our parents to teach it to their children, So the next generation would know, and all the generations to come – Know the truth and tell the stories so their children can trust in God,”

We have invited Stacey Simpson and Tom Unitt to tell their stories of what God is doing right here and right now in our time and in our area. Through their testimonies may we be encouraged and challenged by all that God is doing today, and may we too be encouraged to ask for the power of God to bring transformation to our own lives and to the lives of people we know and love.

Tim B