Jesus and the new Exodus


This Sunday will be a bit different! Our text for the morning is the song of Zachariah in Luke 1.68-79. It is commonly known as the Benedictus, which is the first word of the text in Latin. Many Christians across the world, myself included, pray the Benedictus every morning as part of their rhythm of prayer. The prayer itself describes the coming of Jesus in terms that evoke the Exodus of Israel. Just as God delivered Israel from slavery under Egypt, the coming Messiah will deliver all God’s people from their oppressors. Zachariah did not know the full extent of what his prophetic prayer meant, that Jesus came to deal not just with human enemies, but with the two ultimate enemies of humanity: sin and death. As we have spent the last months in the Exodus of the Jews, this Sunday we will turn our eyes to the ultimate Exodus of humanity. We will dwell on the person of Jesus, the one whose coming we await again this advent season.

Rather than having a ‘normal’ sermon, in our time together we will intersperse the word and sung worship, giving us more time than we usually have to worship together as we await the coming of our King and celebrate his deliverance.

See you there!

– Tim Murray