We are a community of God’s people seeking to love Him first and love our neighbours.


We are a community of God’s people seeking to  love Him first and love our neighbours. To help one another to do this we regularly gather together on a Sunday morning, and at various times throughout the week, to receive the love of God and serve our community. In all that we do we seek to put Jesus Christ at the centre, desiring Him to be the focal point of everything we do in life.


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18/03/19 Money Series pt 8 – Complexities about giving to Mission and poor care
Last week’s article dealt complexities that relate to our giving to support ministry. This month we will tackle some of those that relate to mission and poor-care. I’ve decided to address these two together because in many ways the common questions raised and issues that need addressing relate equally...
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18/03/19 Jessamy Clark YWAM Update
Hey friends! 10 flipping weeks out here- int that crazy! Just two more weeks until we are splitting off into our outreach teams and heading into the nations. I will catch you up on my last two weeks before telling...
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13/03/19 Dear Church by Andrew McFaul
Secrets can be tricky things; knowing when to keep one and when to tell someone else about it isn’t always clear. If you’ve ever wondered how many secrets you can keep, science allegedly has an answer: According to a recent study...