What we believe

What we believe

We live in a world where many people have rejected the idea of a common truth, that is true for everyone. More often, people believe whatever they want to believe. What is true, right and good largely boils down to ‘what I think’. Many now approach ‘what we believe’ in a pick and mix fashion, constructing a worldview from a hundred pieces, depending on what is acceptable to us or feels right.

However, we believe that because God is real, what is true and good is defined by God. Not only this, but God has revealed some of this to all humanity. He has showed us how we should live in the person and teaching of Jesus, in the Bible and the ongoing work of the Holy Spirit in Christians today. God made us to live a certain way, and when we live in line with his truth we can be set free to be the people He has designed us to be.

We, therefore, consider it important to state what we believe because it defines who we are, and who we are becoming; it enables us to live in a God honouring way; it allows us to be a genuine community and it allows us to take a stand for Christianity.

Having said all this, we recognise that not every Christian agrees about everything. At ACC we seek to balance the need to hold firmly to the central beliefs of Christian faith, but be generous with one another when we disagree about less important issues. For us, the most important beliefs are defined by the historic Christian creeds (the Apostles and Nicene Creeds) and the Evangelical Alliance’s statement of faith. We have tried to ‘digest’ these into a more accessible form in our own statement of faith, which you can download here.

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