30 Pakistani Families Fed By You
30 Pakistani Families Fed By You

You’ve already saved 30 families!

Pakistani Christians struggle with the Corona Virus, with even less access to work and funds, feeding themselves has become a great challenge.

We are facing very hard situation as we are struggling for even food. Right now the local administration of government welfare organisation has denied to give ration to Christians as they believe it is only for Muslims because it is coming with Zakat. Even in our village they asked Christians to accept Islam for ration. – A local pastor in Pakistan.

Christians typically face discrimination in Pakistan but the situation is worse than ever, some are beginning to contemplate deciding between remaining in Christianity and feeding their families. But members of our church family in Amblecote Christian Centre have already helped 30 families to eat and survive, and I bet they didn’t even know it!


Photo: Christian women prepare bags of rations for the community


Our story begins in 2017 when I visited this Pakistani Christian community and was inspired by their plight. At that time the community was saying education was the key to raising the Christians out of poverty, so last year my wife, Lynda Hadley, ran the London Marathon to raise funds for schooling and education of young Pakistani Christians. The hope of the community is that they could create a school.



Photo: A village packed into a house to have a Sunday service


We were greatly blessed to have raised over £1600 which can afford to do a lot in Pakistan. And since then we’re aware we’ve been quiet. Unfortunately over the past 12 months issue after issue have plagued our efforts to get things moving. We’ve aimed to create financial accountability, accreditation and longevity to the project. There’s no point starting something that will not last.

The Christians have hit issues with Pakistani bureaucracy meaning official registration has been impossible. We have also tried to work with existing missions and organisations in Pakistan, but we are yet to find someone the community can work with. Although the community were keen to use what we’d raised to get something started, we warned that without the foundations in place ongoing support would be difficult to find. It’s been a frustrating year, throughout I’ve had a sense in the spirit that it was not the time to send the support and we must continue to delay until things are more clear.


For months now it’s been very quiet, so we settled to wait on the Lord.


However over whilst discussing the issues surrounding the community and the risks of forced conversions I felt a release in the spirit. We thought we raised over £1600 to help educate Pakistani Christians – it turns out the Lord had other plans. So far we have sent £800 of the funds to help local pastors provide rations for the community.

“Praise the Lord Jesus Christ, today we distributed 15 days ration to 30 families. Please keep praying. More to go tomorrow” – The pastor reports after receiving the finance.

Due to the limits on the amount of money we can send we’ll be sending the remaining money over in the next couple of weeks. But sufficed to say there are 30 families, between 120-180 people that can be sure about the next month because of the generosity of our church family, so I just thought now was the time to say.

From myself and from Pakistan I say – thank you!



– Dave Hadley