Caminul Felix August Update
Caminul Felix August Update

Dear Friends and Sponsors,
It is a privilege and an honor for me to address a few words to all of you who have
been there for us and who have chosen to support us in raising the children from
Caminul Felix. In one of his messages, John Maxwell said that success means more than knowing our purpose in life or reaching our full potential. One ingredient he mentions is the choice to plant seed s that will help others. Maxwell believes that by adding value into each day constantly and purposely, so that we will make other people’s lives better, we will certainly reap a richer harvest than we have expected.

We are deeply thankful to you for the work you have chosen to be a part of along
with us. You have chosen to “plant seeds” by giving your time, by getting involved in different projects: from building or renovating houses to making roofs, to giving of your material or spiritual resources and sometimes accommodating us. All of these bring daily value into the lives of those who are part of the Caminul Felix family. Thank you for everything. I pray that God will reward you for all your effort and give you heavenly blessings, like only He knows and can do! – Marcel Filip-Chairman


Greetings from the Sponsorship Office!
It is summer and the children and young people are enjoying the summer and time off from school. Many of them are taking part in different camps, weeks arranged with many activities. Some of the young people work in the greenhouse, at the farm or are helping the visiting team with construction

The highlight of all is the week they go somewhere with the family, thanks to all of you who gave a gift to the families so they could go away for some days. It means a lot. There is still the opportunity for you who want to join in and send a gift for a family week for one of our families. The summer is long in Romania and several of the families are waiting for their week of leave to come. Thank you for being a blessing to our children and their families – Ellie Filip and Lisa Hornberg


We invite you to read a few thoughts shared from the heart by Vero Butuc Mayer, mother in Caminul Felix to 21 children for 20 years: Children are definitely the most important outcome of a family relationship. In a wide Christian sense, a family blessed by God is one where there are children with parents who are responsible to raise them and provide for them, but also educate them. families, end up rebelling against society, against any forms of authority, and frequently being among juvenile criminals.

The percentages of those who come from such families – especially where the father is absent- and who become people with criminal records are alarming. In a contemporary context, in some legislations there is a tendency to lose the judicial personality of the family, thus diminishing its social role.

The first cultural tendency that threatens the marriage institution is the amplitude that a lternative lifestyleshave acquired. Also, the easiness of the legal granting of divorce or separation is another extremely destructive element for this institution. The children, who in this case stay in mono-parental
Financial problems and difficulties are also a major factor that contributes to family disintegration, which prevents a wholesome family life, where the family fulfills the task it was entrusted
with. For example, Ed Young, in his book The 10 Commandments of Marriage mentions the results of a survey done among the American population: a great percentage of the popula tion admits that they would be willing to abandon their families or give up their children for adoption for the possibility of financial gain.

Within the context of Romania in 2019, one may observe that the post-communism years have brought great changes in the Romanian society, and these changes have also affected the Church: from the alarming phenomenon of abortion to immigration, to the severe demographic decline, to the deep changes of mindset which have brought about the abandonment of traditional values, to the weakening of interpersonal relationships. The traditional functions of the familyraising children and caring for old peopleare heading towards extinction.

They are shared with other social institutions, which are completely different from the family and the warmth it offers. I think that in this society which is ultratechnologized, but at the same time in a relational crisis, the biblical and Christian imperative of giving support, of caring especially for widows and orphansnamely for disadvantaged families remains more relevant than ever. The founders of Caminul Felix, the spouses Linda and Lars Hornberg, Swedish citizens, moved to Oradea, Romania, a few weeks after the Revolution of 1989 and worked closely with a few protestant churches here.

They came to Romania and encountered a totally different perspective from the one they were educated in: abandoned children were kept hidden, far from people’s sight, like· a dirty and disturbing secret. They felt that God was calling ·them to a whole new way of caring for abandoned children in Romania. Therefore, they founded the well-known ministry, Caminul Felix Foundation. This ministry of rescuing abandoned children from a life of misery and abandonment to one of fulfillment, of natural development in the midst of a family, alongside parents and brothers and sisters, attempted to go back to the original biblical family pattern.

The desire of the Hornberg’s was to offer abandoned children the necessary care and protection as well as to fulfill one of the basic needs of a human being-belongingness. From its very beginnings and even presently, one principle has stood out inthe profile of Caminul Felix Foundation that encompasses all other principles-the promotion of a family pattern of child care and education. This principle in fact reflects the way of applying a Christian social doctrine.

Caminul Felix Foundation was founded and exists to fulfill the Christian vision of the way of caring for and educating numerous abandoned children in Romania. If biological parentswhoshould be responsible to raise them, provide for them, but also educate themare nothing but the great absents, then this huge responsibility is transferred to an institution. However, this is a Christian institution made up of family-like mini institutions, an institution that believes in the possibility of remaking the structural and functional family pattern:

A new adoptive family, but not inferior in quality to the biological one. As a parent and as a part of this project, I try to pursue these enduring values of humanity, to promote and support this vision in word & deed, this noble Christian mission of Caminul Felix Foundation -Vero Butuc-mother in House 2


Alexandra was born on September 12, 2001, in a dysfunctional family. Since her alcoholic mother was not able to give her the material and moral support that she needed and would beat hervery often, the neighbors notified the authorities, who had to isolate her in a temporary placement center. Then followed the court’s decision to terminate the mother’s parental rights. Alexandra thus ended up being a child who lacked parental love, a child in d ifficulty, and was brought to Caminul Felix. She came into our family and was welcomed with a lot of affection by the numerous members of our family, all at once acquiring not only parents, but also so many brothers and sisters. She also received the things she had desired for so long: a nice room, clean clothes and colorful toys, warm and tasty
food, but more than that she received our love.

Not having been supported to attend school consistantly before she came to Caminul Felix, at the age of nine she had the knowledge level of a kindergartener, not knowing the letters or numbers. She would need a sustained pace and amount of school work in order to make up for all she had missed, with the hope that she would reach an appropriate level for her age. Alexandra managed to make up for the missing knowledge and at the end of 4th grade, she was able to read fluently, she could write, she learned to calculate and she knew the multiplication table.

Alexandra a short and very friendly girl, but who quickly made her presence known by being very communicative and energetic managed to adiust easily and to integrate in our famil quickly.

Today, as she 1s approaching adulthood and will soon reach the age of 18, is a beautiful well-balanced young lady.
She will soon graduate  from vocational school, the baking and pastry department. We wish her all the best in the process of personal development, of becoming, of growing into a beautiful person.