Captivate 2019
Captivate 2019

Now is the time to remind you of our exciting upcoming women’s conference, Captivate. This is day not to be missed a day to be challenged; refreshed, strengthened and have some fun with friends! Saturday 12th October 2019 at The Welcome Centre, Coventry is the day!

The theme for our conference this year is Fierce; loving fiercely because we are fiercely loved.

This will be our 8th Captivate Women’s Conference, and each one has exceeded our expectations; with many women experiencing breakthroughs and divine encounters resulting in personal transformation.

This year we are privileged to have the amazing Kathleen Cooke with us, from Hollywood, California. We also have an incredible team of women who will be sharing on the day, each with an inspiring challenge and story to tell!

Currently we are working hard to make 2019’s conference more inspiring and impactful than ever before….so get planning and make it a date.

We have included a link to our brochure for you to share with all the women in your life.

The bookings are now open, you can book your ticket by visiting

Email us at if you would like to book in as a group of 6+ for the special price of £25.

If you would like printed copies of our Brochure, please ask and we will be happy to post them to you.

We would also like to bring to your attention that we will also be hosting another event on Friday 11th October; An Evening with Hollywood Producer Phil Cooke at the Hope Centre, Coventry. Phil is a media producer, consultant and author with expertise in creativity, communication and media.

An Evening with Hollywood Producer Phil Cooke will be an event for everyone, not just the women in your lives. We have included the link to the Eventbrite page for you to share with anyone you think will be interested.

If you book into Captivate, your ticket will give you free entry to the Friday evening with Phil Cooke…you must still book separately onto the evening.

Warm regards
Helen and the Captivate Team x