Church Family Holiday
Church Family Holiday

Dear all,

I’ve been wondering about whether a group of us from church might want to go on holiday together over the summer. I always feel that you get to know each other in a whole different way when you go away to the beach together!! Now I’m not suggesting organising a ‘church holiday’ where we try and cater for everyone’s needs and preferences, but rather, if there are a group of us that want to go camping/caravanning together, we go for it, and invite anyone who wants to join to come along.

I’ve done a bit of initial research and have a couple of possibilities, but its at the stage where I could do with some idea of who might be interested before taking it any further. So, I’m getting in touch with those of you who I think may have some interest in camping (possibly!) to see if you have any interest at all in getting involved! You’re not committing at this stage, but rather just to get an idea of who might be up for it… So have a think and let me know, but also forward this on to anyone else you think may be interested, or come and have a chat with me…

The initial details are below:


Dates: July 21st-26th (5 nights)

Facilities: 4 star. Inc:

Cost: c. £30-£60 per pitch/night depending on which site we choose!
Location: Either Devon or Pembrokeshire
Who is interested!? Let me know 😊