Directors Update June 2020
Directors Update June 2020

June 2020


Dear Church Family,

It is good to write to you and give you a further Directors update during this season. The Coronavirus (Covid -19) pandemic situation changed the way we were able to meet as Directors, however we are now able to get together more formally via Zoom.

For those who are new to ACC, our Board of Directors (Charity Trustees) are called to serve the Lord in a practical way, taking care of the physical and logistical needs of the church. As Ste Cook reminded us in his thoughtful talk from Romans 12 on Sunday 7th June, we are all called to do different things for our Church Family. Each one of us has God given gifts to use for His Kingdom.


The current team (Rob Chapman, Eric Morse-Brown, John Cook and Ann White) have served together for a good number of years and have grown in their appreciation of each others’ strengths. You may remember we thanked Sarah Barton a few weeks ago as she stepped down from her role of Finance Administrator, and now the team is supported by Tracey Tromans who provides much needed financial expertise and guidance. Regular meetings are scheduled with the Elders and we have a delegated link to the wider Staff Team. We spend time in prayer and reflection and before quarantine enjoyed a hearty breakfast meeting at Cafe 105.

We endeavour to ensure appropriate policies and procedures are in place for the effective management of our church, and seek professional advice when it is needed. We’re committed to work in an honest and trustworthy manner and most importantly we ensure our actions are aligned with the principles found in God’s word.

To give you an example of what we do, during the last couple of months alongside our routine financial scrutiny and updating of policies, we have managed the unoccupied ACC building and taken the appropriate steps to furlough some staff.  As we plan for the prospect of the easing of lockdown measures, our thoughts were drawn to the actions we needed to take to ensure we demonstrated due diligence regarding the re-opening of the Little Hands Nursery, and to make sure all our Health and Safety checks had been undertaken.

We want you to know that we work hard to ensure your safety at church, closely following Government guidelines, current legislation and the Charity Commission guidance. We endeavour to use your precious giving for the greatest benefit based on ACC’s Vision and Mission statement to “Love the Lord our God and love our neighbours”.

We can confirm that your tithes and offerings have enabled ACC to meet all our regular expenditure at this time and we praise God that this has been possible. We are certainly incredibly grateful and thankful.

As always please get in touch if you have any queries or concerns you may want us to review by contacting

We very much appreciate your prayers for us in this season, that we will have wisdom to make Godly decisions that are honouring to the Lord.

With very best wishes, ACC Directors, Rob, Eric, John & Ann