Jessamy Clark May Update pt 1
Jessamy Clark May Update pt 1

Hey church fam. Hope life is treating you well.  

 In case you don’t know, in January of this year I left to attend a 6-month programme called a Discipleship Training School, with the organisation YWAM. The first 3 months were labelled Lecture Phase and I was based in Perth, Australia. I had a class of 28 other students in my DTS which was for people aged 17-25. There are people from so many different nations, and it has been amazing to experience everyone’s different cultures and have a guaranteed place to stay if I ever fancy a bit of travelling! I was staying in a bedroom with all of the other 21 girls in my DTS which was so much fun and allowed us to all grow very close. 

 Lecture phase was made up of 12 weeks and each week had a different guest speaker who came to teach us on a specific topic. It was inspiring to witness the passion and enthusiasm of our speakers and to see the strength of their relationship with God. Some of the topics we covered included: Evangelism- this week really highlighted how we are all called to share the gospel with others even if we don’t feel particularly confident or skilled. It really helped me have an understanding of why we evangelise and gave me a boldness to go out and do it! Lordship was another topic, and it focused on how we can lay down our rights and submit to God’s will for our lives. His plans for us our always so much greater and we can be at peace knowing we don’t need to be in control. A really challenging week for me was Authority and Submission, which spoke on independence and how we may obey in actions, but we have to have a submissive heart attitude also. 

 These 3 months were a real time of growth for me and I have gained so much more of an understanding of God’s heart me for and how I am called to live out my faith. I have been learning how to depend on God for all my needs and surrendering control to him. I have made so many great friends and have enjoyed getting to explore a new city and being able to call it home. Life at YWAM Perth also includes many times of intercession and worship and I have really found a love for these times. We had bible studies, small groups and work duties, which for me involved doing 2 hours’ worth of dishes daily, for 12 weeks. Character building eh? Of course I enjoyed many beach trips, times at the river, finding new coffee shops and spending quality time with others in my school. 

 The first 3 months also prepared us for the following 3 months called Outreach Phase. We have the opportunity to put all we have learnt into practise and go into the nations.  

 I am currently on the 6th week out of 11 weeks, during Outreach Phase. Our first stop was a YWAM base in Cebu, Philippines which was amazing. We were able to assist the base in all the many different ministries that they have going on- helping with lots of kids work in nearby slums, we had the opportunity to do some prison ministry and we also caught a passenger ferry to a nearby island for the night which was so good. We did lots of on-one-on evangelism in the market areas, beachfront and door to door in slum villages. Our open airs have also been super popular as people are always fascinated by what the crazy foreigners are doing now. These times of ministry have been so fruitful, and God has been really faithful to use us and work through us. We have been able to disciple Christians in their faith and also lead new people to accept Jesus into their lives. 

 We are now currently in Manila staying at a church which was some connections to YWAM. We have been able to support the church with everything they have going on including a weekly service for the homeless which provides food, showers and fellowship. Manila has been very different to Cebu, but the challenge has been good. I had the weird experience of sharing the gospel on a Jeepney (which is like a truck thing they use as public transport) and then jumping off, I assume leaving everyone awestruck. 

 Kobe, Japan will be our next adventure in mid-May which I am very excited for. 

 Look out for my next article soon where I will share a little bit about how outreach has been going so far for me and also what my plans are for the upcoming year. Stay tuned folks. 

 Also for more juicy details and a feel of YWAM living, follow this link to my blog updates that I have been doing:  

 peace and love. Jessamy x