Jessamy Clark May Update pt 2
Jessamy Clark May Update pt 2

Yo yo yo. Hi again. I’m back. If you didn’t catch my last article. Stop. Read it. Now. Then come back… During my time on DTS I have been praying and seeking God’s will for my next steps upon returning home. I have a place to study at University starting this September, but I wasn’t sure if this was still right for me. I prayed that God would lead me somewhere that really required me to place my full trust and dependence in him. At the base we had a ‘missions morning’ which displayed all the opportunities and ministries that happen in YWAM Perth. During this event I met someone who is a part of the Birth Attendant School (BAS). This is a Second Level School which you can take after completing a DTS (Discipleship Training School).  

The BAS involves 3 months training which takes place at YWAM Perth. This training teaches skills of midwifery and also looks into the biblical view of birth and healthcare. There is then 8 months of outreach going into countries in Asia and Africa (tbc) and assisting in communities and the hospitals there. The outreach also includes a further 3 months training in birth complications and more practical experience. As a birth attendant we will be with mothers as they give birth, sometimes women who would otherwise be alone during this time. What a great way to show the love of God to them! We will also work in post- and antenatal care, working with mothers and babies up to the age of 2. 

 I am really excited for this opportunity- you may know that I initially considered midwifery for a while, so I have a real passion for mothers and babies. After talking with the BAS girl, I really felt a stirring in my heart that this was the next thing that God is calling me to. I wrestled with the decision for quite a while, but the feeling persisted, so I have taken the step of faith and committed to this. 

The bad news for all the Jessamy fans out there is that the school starts on the 7th July!! This is super soon after my DTS finishes and I won’t be back until June 2020. However, do not fear I will be making a return for 12 days from June 22nd. You can all get a little fill of Jessamy love before I disappear again. 

 The BAS is going to cost me around £8,500 in total. This is quite a lot of money, but I have seen first-hand the amazing provision of God when he calls people somewhere, both through my own experiences and also the testimonies of others on my DTS. Loads of you were so amazingly generous to me the first-time round and I am forever grateful to everyone who gave where they could and really supported me in God’s call for me. I have some savings that I feel would be right for me to use for my year away. But if you as my church family would also consider praying and seeing if you think it is right for you to give then that would be massively appreciated. One-off donations or monthly sponsorship, no matter how small would really go a long way towards blessing me!  

 I completely understand those of you who are currently unable to financially support me during this time. However, I love me a bit of prayer support. If you could please continue to pray for me, as I finish off my DTS and start in my new adventure I would be so thankful. Thank you to everyone who has been continually praying for me during all my adventures, your support has not gone unnoticed. 

 I’m so excited for those 12 days of being at home and being able to squish all of your lovely faces. But until then have good lives and make good choices! 

 Jess xoxo 

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