Joel Clark May Update
Joel Clark May Update

Regular readers may remember some initial
reservations I had regarding their average CU
experience and exposure before talking on the
mantle of committee. I needn’t have worried
though because they’re amazing. They’ve got
enthusiasm coming out of their ears and are so
fired up for God it’s incredible. They even-get
this- read the Bible together before CU meetings!
Who even does that? We certainly never did!

I also mentioned last time how one of my friends
(I told her I wasn’t going to give her name but she
insisted on being called Doris) has been meeting
up with one of her course-mates having invited
her to one of our events during events week.
They have still been meeting (holiday and
exam permitting) and she is still really interested
in Christianity. They are now planning to go
through the Gospel of Mark so please be praying
for more encouraging conversations and responses from that.

My 1-1s have been going well, just finished my final
Colossians Bible study, it has been so great to still be
getting new things from a book of the Bible I’ve been
studying for a year. God always has new things to
say. I’m looking to do another guys night in the next
few weeks too. The last one involved us eating
together and discussing topics that involved us
getting slightly more vulnerable with each other, often
a thing men can struggle to do in our current society.
It was so rewarding to see us grow in this way. Let’s
hope this one will be just as successful!
We have got a free meal this evening with the title
‘Living the Good Life: Does Christianity Really Offer
the Best for our World?’.

Flyering for it went really well on Monday (maybe I actually am beginning to
feel more comfortable evangelising!) so please pray
for a good turnout despite it being exam season, that
God will bring the people he wants to be there and
that we will get a good response form the non-Christians