Kingdom Living Article: Books and Resources
Kingdom Living Article: Books and Resources

Throughout this month I will refer to various books and organisations, so I thought it would be a good idea to list some of them here so you can read/explore more if you would like to.

Of course, just because I’ve listed something here does not mean I agree with absolutely everything any author says, or any movement stands for! I trust that we all read responsibly and generously, seeking to learn whilst not surrendering our critical thought.


– Tim Murray


Recommended Reading:

Christ and Culture Revisited – Don Carson

This book contains some excellent Biblical reflections on the way we think about Christ and Culture, drawing them together in a tremendously helpful theological framework. He then provides a number of applications and illustrations. Like all of Carson’s books, he is so helpful in resisting simple answers or narrowing the Biblical material, but he helps us to hold together all the Bible has to say in our theology and in our lives.


Atheist Delusions – David Bentley Hart

Although this book is a direct response to the ‘new atheists’ (Richard Dawkins, Sam Harris, Christopher Hitchins, etc), it is an excellent account of how Christianity shaped Western culture. David Bentley Hart shows the astounding difference Christianity made to culture in the West and therefore helps us to see the critical importance of engaging culture.


Faith in the Public Square – Rowan Williams

As the former Archbishop of Canterbury, Rowan Williams is well experienced at engaging Christ and culture! This book is a collection of talks/lectures that he has given over the years on this topic, including questions of politics, economy, environment, social care, etc.


Creation Regained – Al Wolters (2nd ed)

This book is an excellent account of the Christian worldview, that gives us a foundation for thinking about a public hope. It is relatively short, but theologically robust and provides the necessary groundwork for thinking about engaging faith and culture. Excellent!




Citizens UK

Listen to the third podcast for more about Citizens UK and why I think we should develop a Black Country Citizens movement.


Permission to Smile

This movement focusses on street associations and may well be something for us to engage with over the coming years that is missional both to individuals and to society.