Made For Love
Made For Love

Made for Love; Autumn Focus and Teaching Series

You were Made for Love.

The Bible teaches us that ‘God is love’ (1 John 4 v 8) and out of an expression of His love He created you. Love is central to what it means to be human – we are all created with the need to give and receive love. This is why we often feel most alive when we experience love, whether it’s the love of a spouse, a child, a family member or a friend. And it’s also why so many films, books, paintings, songs and poems over thousands of years have concerned themselves with the topic of love.

But what is love?

This Autumn we invite you to join us on Sundays to explore God’s design for relationship. Not everything that goes by the name of ‘love’ is truly love, and not everything considered love in our culture today leads us into freedom and truth.

Join us as we talk about;

Sunday 1st September – Made for Love
Sunday 8th September – Gender: The Image of God
Sunday 15thSeptember – Marriage & Sex (Part 1)

Sunday 6thOctober – Marriage & Sex (Part 2)
Sunday 13thOctober – Living Single
Sunday 30thOctober – Parenting
Sunday 27thOctober – Panel Discussion

The Bible teaches that we are most alive and most free when we live in God’s design for relationship, through this we discover what it truly means to be made for love.

In the Autumn we will also be responding to two hot topics of our culture, join special guest’s Dr Rick Thomas and Rob Wood as we discuss a Christian response to sexuality and gender.

Monday 7th October, 7.45pm – Gender, a Christian Response
Thursday 7th November, 7.45pm – Sexuality, a Christian Response