Makaton Signing Group News
Makaton Signing Group News

The signing group were invited for the fourth year running to a Worship Forum event at St James’s Church in Wollaston. All schools in the Diocese were invited and the Church was full. We taught the Makaton signs for ‘My Lighthouse’ to six groups throughout the day, about 150 children. At the end of the day, everyone came together and sang and signed the song and also a blessing. It was one of those special moments when we all felt the presence of God.

We’ve been invited to Weldon Primary School, near Kidderminster to teach the Worship Committee some signing and songs and to do an Open The Book Assembly. We’ve also been into St James’s Primary for the day to teach the signs for ‘You Are My Brother’.

We regularly use Makaton when we do our Open The Book assemblies and the children and staff sign and sing along with us.
Our next project is to sign the Lord’s Prayer for the September Flourish meeting.
Our teacher Dawn had to give up teaching us due to pressures of work but, with help from her on video, we are still meeting regularly to keep this very useful tool going. If there are any Makaton trainers out there, please get in touch!!!