Mission 2019: What, Why and How?
Mission 2019: What, Why and How?

I am aware some of you will be very familiar with what Youth Mission is, but I am aware there are probably quite a few people reading this that aren’t, so in this article I’m going to tell you what mission is, why we do what we do and how you can get involved if you’d like to. 

So, for the past 13 years we have been running what we call Youth Mission week. This is a week over the summer where our young people and leaders go out into the local community and serve in different ways. This can be through doing things like gardens for the elderly or people with disabilities who are not able to do it themselves, running activities for children and families- for several years we have run holiday clubs, community fun days or lunch clubs. We also do things like visiting people who may be lonely and may not have a support network around them, visiting old people’s homes, in the past we have done house makeovers, partnered with homeless organisations to help them run their soup kitchens- including going out into the city with them and giving out care packages or we have helped practically by doing painting at their drop in centre. A group of young people for two years in a row have also been to Portway lifestyle centre in Oldbury where they did some sports with people who had different learning and physical disabilities. These are just a few things, but it is a week jam packed with lots of different social action activities.

The week is predominantly about serving the community and encouraging the young people to develop a missional attitude and a heart for serving others and giving them an opportunity to share the gospel with others. We believe it is key to instil this in them from a young age…hopefully you agree!?

Our 3 key aims for the week are to, 1. Express love, 2. Explore community and 3. Encounter Christ.

The young people usually sleep over at the church for the whole week and have their meals together and shower at a local school or leisure centre. We do this to encourage community amongst the young people and with the hope to help them to develop and build friendships with each other, people who they can hopefully journey life with. This year we will be doing things slightly differently though and will be spending part of the week staying over at ACC and part of the week staying in people’s houses. Again the purpose of doing this is to explore a little more what real community looks like. As you can imagine, spending so much time together can be amazing but also can be challenging spending a large amount of time with the same people, and as the week goes on and tiredness kicks in (as we do work them pretty hard)…you can imagine what it can be like towards the end of the week especially!!

The evenings are spent as a team doing team building activities and also engaging in times of teaching, worship and prayer so as to encourage spiritual growth.  

Last year we managed to secure some funding for mission week as well as other summer activities. This was a massive blessing as it meant we were able to do many different things and bless many people without the restriction of finances. We are pleased to say that we have been able to secure some funding again this year!!! Praise God!!! We know again that this will be a huge help!

The week will be from Sunday 18th– Friday 23rd August.

How can you get involved?

Pray for us- in the build up to it, for me and the team as we organise the week (as you can imagine it involves a massive amount of planning and organisation) and for the young people that God will prepare their hearts and minds to not only give out as much as they can but also that they will be open to receive what God has for them (both those already believers and those that are joining us for the week that aren’t yet believers).

Practically- Cook- On the actual week we need people to cook meals for the team, so if you would be interested in helping in this way or being part of a team who helps with set up and clear up then please speak to me or Sally Whittall who is heading that up.

Practically- Transport- On the week we also need help transporting the young people to the different projects and activities, so if you are able to help with this then please let us know- it would be a massive help!!

If you have any questions then please speak to me or one of the other members of the mission team who will be more than happy to answer them if we can!! (Roxy, Dave or Ben)  

With just over 5 weeks to go, momentum is building and we are all excited for what God is going to do in and through this week!!

Natalie Start