Paul Willmott May School News Update
Paul Willmott May School News Update

There were only four weeks in this half-term, however there was still a whole half-term of work to be done in our local schools. Extra time was lost due to voting days and of course the Bank Holiday, not to mention SATs.

Yes indeed this month was the month of national testing for years 2 and 6. These tests can bring a real pressure into school and family life. I actually had the wonderful opportunity to share extra time with year 6 in one school. I was invited to share breakfast with year 6, then share a word of encouragement, before praying with therm right at the start of the week of tests.

As I read a prayer for children to listen to, I added pauses so they could also pray and make it personal, I noticed one or two faces looking quite emotional. Maybe this was to do with the spelling and grammar test that they were facing next, or maybe they had allowed themselves for a brief moment to connect with God. Moments with God can be transformational, lets pray for more of these transformational moments!

This year I have been following my theme of KEYS TO LIFE. This month I used the word BLINKY as my “Key to Life”. I talked about Jesus healing the eyes of man who was blind. This man said that he saw people walking around like trees, but this was before Jesus was finished with the miracle. The man had to wait for the moment of complete healing. I asked the children to keep their eyes open and not miss a moment.

Meanwhile Razizi the Meerkat has been traveling to various parts of the UK. But when he said that he had his eyes closed the the entire time, the children knew that he missed out on seeing so much. I pray that the children will remember to keep eyes open and be ready to see God at work in every day.

Next time the “Key to Life” word is MONKEY, but how will that relate to a Bible message for school??

“All Staff cheer in the Staff Room . . “

” . . .when we are told that you are leading assembly!” This quote was a really encouraging way to end my week recently. I was talking with a year 6 teacher at the end of assembly on a Friday afternoon. We were talking about how the older children can sometimes be more reserved on showing their enthusiasm, appearing disinterested. She was clear to say that her class all loved my assemblies. She then went on to say, that the teachers in the staff room are not always so short of enthusiasm, often cheering when they hear that I am in for assembly. It is great to be in school sharing God word with children and adults.

It is good to hear that my visits are so well received. Great to know that kids and staff are pleased, even excited to hear what I might say and do in assembly. My prayer is that the Message of Christ would be received by the school and that lives would be transformed. Thank you for your prayers for both children and staff.

I will have some very exciting news to share in a few weeks, in my general ministry News Letter. Since childhood I have always had interest in making a TV show . . . sorry, that is all I can say at the moment. If you don’t already receive this News Letter and would like to, please let me know, thanks.

Finally if you didn’t see the latest video from TWIST ONLINE. You can see Twist talking about Easter Eggs and New Life HERE. These videos are designed for families and church groups to help encourage discussion. Why not subscribe and be the first to hear of any new videos?

Your are amazing.
Thank you for you prayers and support.