Responding to God in this season – Top 8 FAQ’s
Responding to God in this season – Top 8 FAQ’s


1. When will Phil retire? Is he going to leave the church when he does?

Phil is planning to retire at the end of 2020, but he is not intending to leave the church family. 

2. Does our intention to develop a ‘year out’ mean we are going to stop our work with the older generation?

No. We will continue to do all we currently do with the older generation. However we do not know if the nature of this work may change with the retirement of Phil at the end of 2020. 

3. Who are the elders?

Adrian Lowe, Phil Cook, Tim Barton, Tim Murray, John Cook, Vanessa Willmott, Stacey Simpson, David Faulkner.

4. How much have Adrian and Phil given?

Adrian and Phil have made decisions that have released a combined total of £25,000. 

5. How much is our deficit?

We have a regular operational deficit of £20,000; year on year we are spending £20,000 more than our income. In the last financial year (2018/2019) we had a deficit of £40,000 because we spent an additional £20,000 on redeveloping the youth lounge. 

6. Have we shrunk numerically in the last five years?

No. Some people have left, others have joined, but when we compare our numbers with five years ago we are very slightly larger. In the last year we have grown by 30-35 people, of whom 25-30 are young families. 

7. Who do we give to as a church?

A full list is available from the directors on request (please contact John Cook), but we support a number of individuals working as missionaries or in ministry, including several of our own young people; we support the wider church through organisations like Love Black Country; Love Dudley and the True Freedom Trust; we support a number of local charities including the BHP and Food bank and we are now proposing to support Open Doors. 

8. How do we decide who we give to?

The elders and directors have developed a number of criteria on which we make these decisions. Again, this is available in detail on request but includes factors like how well the person/organisation aligns with our own vision; proximity and connection to us; whether they have proper accountability, financial probity, etc.