Summer Days Out 2019
Summer Days Out 2019

Once again we’re going to be running our Summer Days Out over the summer period. This is a fantastic opportunity for us to meet as a church family, to spend time together, develop friendships and generally get to know each other more. 


As a church family we organise a number of different events or activities over the summer weeks that you can book into. They are all aimed at getting to know new people and developing the relationships we have.

How do I get involved?

Once again we want to encourage you to take part in or even organise your own summer day out. An event could be based around a particular hobby or interest, or involve a small group you are part of. They could be open to as many people as possible, or only gather a few. It really doesn’t matter on the size, shape or style of the event, the most important thing is that it’s fun, enjoyable and gives an opportunity for people to get together and develop new or stronger relationships. 

Does it need to be a whole day out?

Last year we were asked if the events had to be a whole day out, the simple answer is no! We use the term ‘day out’ in the most general sense. An event could be an afternoon, a Saturday morning, an evening, whatever fits the activity you are running. 

What’s new for 2019?

This year we want to be a bit more missional in the way we think about the summer days out. These are great opportunities for those who don’t know Jesus to meet with and get to know those who do! So why not invite a friend to one of the events? Is there a family member who would enjoy the get together? Or maybe you have a neighbour you could invite? 

What do I need to do?

We will be making a leaflet and webpage with all the details of the events so the whole church family knows what’s going on over the summer and how they can get involved.

If you would like to organise your own summer day out then you have until Sunday 23rd June to give us the date, a brief description and contact details. We will then put this in the leaflet and encourage people to contact you if they are interested in attending. Speak to Lynda or email with this information. 

If you just want to book into one or two of these events, then wait till the leaflets come out and get in touch with whoever is organising the event to book in. Or you can book in directly with Lynda on the email above. 

We have a great opportunity this summer to have fun together and grow together, and to share this time with others, so whether you organise your own day out or join in the one’s we have planned, let’s make the most of these church family days out.