Update from Greg Plunkett
Update from Greg Plunkett

Considering Covid 19, these past couple of months has really been challenging for everyone globally.  Those of us in ministry have had to step back and reflect on how we can best help the people we love to serve with such stringent restrictions in place.

All we are involved in here with youths in Nyamasaria is completely social and event oriented.  We have lost touch with many of our youths due to many not owning phones and the social distancing has prevented personal approaches.

As for our youth church, we had grown it into a substantial membership up to the restrictions and currently, we have been live streaming online with Facebook bringing worship, gospel messages and encouragements of all kinds.  We have managed to reach various people through this medium, but unfortunately not our youths, which was our target audience.

We were so blessed to be able to begin a farming project during this time.  We put out an appeal not long ago and quickly raised the funds to get our farm going (we have a small vacant portion on our compound and another a stone’s throw away that we lease).  We erected fencing, got the acreage plowed and manure spread, made beds and planted seedlings.  We were fighting against too much rain which prevented planting for an extended time but now the rains have diminished enough that we are going full steam ahead.  We saw this as the most positive way forward to help as many people as possible.  We have a plan in place to sell some produce and bless some in need as well as help our leadership team.  We will hold some profits back for the next harvest.  The attitude and turnout has been outstanding in youth volunteers.   There is no bail out plans by the government here in Kenya as has been the case in North America and Europe.  The church is one of the only social assistance programs available to help Kenyans in need.

Seas of Life Missions Kenya has been a committed member of the global Pioneer Network this past year and they did fundraising to help us help those in desperate need.  They are providing funds to help with this during the next three months.  We are so grateful to be able to offer this practical help in such desperate times.

This lockdown is winding down shortly.  We are incredibly grateful for the quick action of the Kenyan government to curb the spread of this Corona virus.  We are in Kisumu which has had no reports of the virus.  Once restrictions are lifted, we want to do something new and exciting for the youths to invite them back into the centre.

We are working alongside a titled body builder “Japesa George” aka Felix and his buddy Issa who is a multi-time gym manager, engineer and manufacturer of gym equipment.  My ministry partner, Dr. Kennedy Hongo hired Felix this week for his security company. Issa has put together a ‘starter’ gym package for us to begin with basics.  We will purchase some equipment manufactured for us and he is also donating some as he wants to promote fitness with the youths and contribute to our non-profit organization.  As we prosper, we will gain more equipment in the same way.  We need to raise 135,000KSh = $1700 Can =$1300 US = £1000+ GPS to get this project off the ground. Would you like to help?  We greatly appreciate whatever you are able to offer.  Contact us for details.

In love and appreciation,

Rev. Greg Plunkett