Update from Seas of Life Mission Kenya by Greg Plunkett
Update from Seas of Life Mission Kenya by Greg Plunkett

When I shared at Amblecote on March 31st, 2019 …I reported that in 2018, we went from 6 youth center branches at the beginning of the year up to 14 by the end of it, along with 5 churches. As I write this report, May 29th – I am happy to say we have now achieved 22 youth centers and 8 churches, with 5 more coming on with us shortly. God is definitely on the move here & blessing our ministry.

We host weekly Discovery Groups, which are our bible studies that involve asking questions as opposed to actually teaching what the word of God says. This method has been so effective in motivating youths to search the word for themselves to see what God is saying, as opposed to being told by someone. The groups have been effective in building strong relationships which translates into solid church growth. We incorporate meals into DG’s as many youths may only get one meagre meal in a day.

Our youth church has grown to the point where we need more room and more chairs, which is a great problem to have. We offer a presentation time of 45 minutes for the youths to come to the front & present songs, dances, skits, testimonies & words & the only requirement is that whatever they do must glorify God. The youth really minister one to another & truly ‘own’ this church.
Saturdays & Sundays at our HQ youth center in Nyamasaria include afternoons for youth club. We recently incorporated a variety of workshops that take place each afternoon. Leaders, using their gifts & skills offer workshops in IT, Agribusiness, Recycling, Staging Displays, Task/Rescue force, a musical play production and so on. We are gaining so many new youth members as a result of this variety of workshops & it’s giving us a greater focus.

Current projects

Our gazebo got destroyed in a storm while I was in England. So we constructed a new one. We use it frequently for meetings and gatherings.
We have a small farm that BK is heading up successfully. He’s been so blessed to have other youths volunteer their help digging, weeding and watering and not asking for any compensation!
ESL class for Masais from Tanzania. Our leader Floice is teaching our Masai guard and friends English. They all attend our youth church now.
BK is hosting IT workshops to train up youths for jobs that will be outsourced from Switzerland in the coming months. This is indeed an answered prayer, fulfilling our vision of empowering youths in Kenya
We are also building a new structure with 2 rooms in it adjacent to the ministry house I stay in. Once finished, one of rooms will become an office for our youth pastor and storage room for sound equipment and such things. The second room will be occupied by our music pastor, his wife and two kids. This will help them so much not to have to pay rent somewhere. This is phase 1 – 2 will be identical parallel to Phase 1 – then phase 3 will be building a roof across the two to form a much needed & larger youth center and church. We are struggling to finish phase 1 due to cost overruns.

Prayer please:

For even more transformed lives with the youths we are trying to reach. We have been successfully helping others spiritually and practically
We desperately need a 14 seater Nissan Van [£11000] as our 1998 Honda CRV isn’t getting any younger and the van would better suit our needs to transport youths to other centers and events locally and nationally
Increase in finances from within and without as the ministry is growing and the needs are as well
We will host a large 5 day youth camp [up to 300 youths] in August and need to raise the funds to cover costs, around £600. Last year we had 150 and expect to double that due to our growth in branches
For committed intercessors for the ministry

Thanks so much to Amblecote CC, the leadership and members for all they have done to bring us this far.

Buckets of blessings, Greg