YWAM update pt1 by Jessamy
YWAM update pt1 by Jessamy

Hello everybody! Some of you may have noticed a chirpy, responsibility-free, Jessamy skipping around church recently. I am feeling very content after finishing my A-levels over the summer, and I am now taking a much-needed break from education for a year! Exciting! A number of you have very kindly been showing lots of interest and asking about my plans for this ‘gap yar’. My response to you has probably been- “I have no clue, please help me”. I have been looking through many opportunities and programmes trying to decide where I feel God is calling me, but I have struggled to settle on something. 

 Good news, though! Things seem to be coming together and I have decided to do a 6-month programme with the Christian organisation Youth With A Mission- or YWAM. The programme will be from January to June, and there will be around 400 people aged 17-25 attending. I have chosen to focus on youth work and ministry. The first 3 months are spent in Perth, Australia attending a Discipleship Training School (DTS). This involves a 12 week ‘Lecture Phase’ which is a course of interactive teaching sessions to help me grow in my faith and develop a deeper understanding of God. There will also be small group spaces as there is a strong emphasis upon community and building honest, open relationships. 

 If this isn’t exciting enough then the ‘Outreach Phase’ in the subsequent 3 months are spent in South East Asia or potentially Africa. The exact location isn’t yet confirmed, but we will be reaching communities where YWAM decide the need is greatest. As youth workers we will doing various activities to reach young people with the gospel. This will be done in many ways such as doing dramas in assemblies, running youth clubs and engaging and chatting with children and youth in the local communities. We also provide practical help such as performing eye tests and meeting with vulnerable women and children. Additionally, there will be opportunities for evangelism which, I must admit, seems daunting, but I also see it as an amazing space for me to grow.  

 So, this is a brief outline of what next year will hold for me! Look out for my article next week detailing why I feel called to do a DTS and ways that you can support me, if you feel so inclined. Feel free to come and chat to me in the meantime and ask lots of questions! Or alternatively check out their website: 


 DATE FOR YOUR DIARY- Sunday 25th November, 5-7! I will be holding an event where I will be sharing more information about my time away. This will be a fun evening of quizzes and games and food, so bring the whole family! 

 Jessamy Clark