Healing Life’s Hurts Workshop
Healing Life’s Hurts Workshop

You are invited to come and discover some keys to Healing Life’s Hurts to set aside a day to “come close to God so He can come close to you.” James ch 4 vs 8 (Amplified Bible) and to discover how to deal with some of those things that cause you pain in life and spoil your friendship with God.

During the day we will look at  Handling hurt and offence, Processing loss & disappointment, Receiving the love of the Father.

Session 1
The power of forgiveness. The who, what, when, and how of forgiveness.

Session 2
Dealing with the effects of traumas, loss and disappointment in our lives. dealing with the lies I have been told by others, myself, and the enemy.

Session 3
Learning how to receive and live in the healing love of God the Father

The day will take place at
The Hillcrest Centre, 172 Long Street, Dordon, B78 1QA
on Saturday May11th from 10 am to 4 pm.
Cost – £15 (Concessions £10)

The day will be led by Mark and Stella Doggett who have provided counselling and pastoral care in the West Midlands for over 20 years

Email: enquiries@lifetraining.co.uk or book by phone 01827 894988
for more information visit www. coloursoftherainbow.org or www. lifetraining.co.uk