Reasons to Believe by Lifespring Church
Reasons to Believe by Lifespring Church

Reasons to Believe
4-week Apologetics Course

Recent research showed that roughly 70% of children raised in church leave church within one year of going to university. The number one reason given for this mass exodus was intellectual skepticism. Currently, in the UK, an embarrassingly small percentage of churches are doing anything to prepare the next generation for what they will face at school or university.

The study of Christian apologetics is not learning to apologise for your faith!

Apologetics is simply providing a reasoned defence for Christianity. Would you like to be more effective at sharing the gospel with atheists, skeptics and people of other faith backgrounds? This course is for you!

This is a 4-week free course taught by Graham Phillips, a graduate in apologetics from Biola University. This course will run for the four Sundays in October from 6:30pm-8:30pm at LifeSpring Centre.

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