School News by Paul wilmott
School News by Paul wilmott

Wow! It’s April already, how did that happen? It is also time for me to wish you a very Happy Easter for 2019. I pray that you know the message of Jesus in your lives this Easter.

Time has flown by since returning from my sabbatical, and one the the things that has come out of that time, has been looking at my rhythm of life. I have found a new place and new times of day to sit before God to pray, read and reflect. This time is invaluable for all of us personally and as we seek to draw others closer to Him.

I really value you prayers, especially at this time of year, as I share the message Christ’s death & resurrection with children & staff, across the region, in our local schools. Thank you.

I would like to thank you for your prayers and moral support, as I have retuned to schools this term. I thought that you would like to hear some of the things that I have been talking about in assemblies since returning from sabbatical. This year I have been following my theme of KEYS TO LIFE.

During December, my Front Door Key reminded me that Jesus was born to be like the Keys to the Kingdom of Heaven. In January, a Radiator Key showed us that one little turn in the right direction makes things work better, Jonah was the Bible story. Then more recently assembly featured a Donkey, as I talked about Jesus arriving into Jerusalem. During April I am using a computer escape Key, while talking about the empty tomb and the resurrection of Jesus.

Meanwhile Dudley the Duck has been creating fun, by trying the hatch a chocolate egg to help a chocolate ducking escape.

I often find myself in conversations, as I spend time in schools. It is great to have the chance to chat with different people in school including; Head, deputy, teaching staff along with office staff, care-takers and cleaners. I really value your prayers for this, as we may never know how God might use these individual moments in peoples lives.

My school “quote” this time, is actually more a whole school quote. While I was talking about the Donkey that carried a precious passenger into Jerusalem, I asked the children to tell me the name of the passenger.. . The sound of 300 children calling out the name of “Jesus” is a wonderful thing to hear. And watching them do this smiling because they know the answer, makes each visit to school currently really amazing!!

Oh yeah, a big “THANK YOU” to Bethia, Sophie and Joel, for allowing me to use two very special little toy donkeys, as part of assembly.

Some extra special news. – Last week I was asked to speak at special service held by one of my regular schools, following the recent death of a pupil. I felt privileged to have been asked, and pleased that the school felt that they could come to me. During the service we laughed, we cried and remembered friends. Thank you to those who knew and prayed into this, for me and the school.

Finally I have eventually got round to filming more from TWIST ONLINE. Discussion videos for families and kids groups. A new Easter video should be appearing soon, why not subscribe and be the first to hear of any new videos?

Thank you for Reading.