Teaching Calming Techniques to Children
Teaching Calming Techniques to Children

Today’s children live in a fast paced world. Many experience significant amounts of stress and pressure, even from a very young age. This means that they may suffer from anxiety and worry.

Our TLG Coaches will be meeting to learn about teaching calming strategies to children and young people, who may have anxiety related issues.

We will examine ways of providing children with strategies for managing stress and their emotions. We will look at ways of developing tools of resiliency that will help them to:

· increase self-management skills and feelings of empowerment.

· Improve their concentration, attention, creativity and problem solving

· improve behaviour, self-esteem and relationships

This will be an open session, and if you think it will be useful for you or anyone you know, you are very welcome to join us. Please see Heather Barton for further details or to book in.

This will be on Monday 20th May at 8pm at ACC