Update: Thursday 31st March
Update: Thursday 31st March


We hope you are doing well considering the huge challenges we are all facing at the moment.

We believe it is critical that we continue to keep in touch as we navigate this extremely challenging season together. Many of you will have tuned in last week as we went live on our Facebook group to update you on how we are responding as a church family. If you did then you will have noticed a few technical challenges we faced using Facebook live.

In order to communicate better we have invested in some new technology called Zoom.

We would like to invite you to our first ‘remote gathering’ on Zoom this Thursday 2nd April at 8.15pm.

To take part you’ll need to download a program/app called Zoom Cloud Meetings. This can be downloaded on any laptop, and most tablets/mobile phones from www.zoom.us

We appreciate that technology is easy for some and more challenging for others. Here are a couple of 2-minute videos that will help you sign up for an account;

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qsy2Ph6kSf8 – Laptops and Desktops

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UmTEGVPqQQU – Tablets and Phones

We would recommend you signing up for Zoom before Thursday evening to enable us to get started quickly with everyone on board.

To help you do this we are arranging three practice Zoom sessions where you can sign up and get tech support if needed. These will take place on;

Wednesday 1st April at 10.00am & 8.00pm and Thursday 2nd April at 2.00pm.

You will all receive an email before these sessions start inviting you to join in the session. If you already have Zoom then please feel free to ignore the emails, if not then please use this opportunity to sign up and download the program.

Hopefully by Thursday evening we will all be signed up and we can meet together to encourage each other in following Jesus at this difficult and pressing time.

I’m sure you will agree that being together and supporting each other in this season is absolutely critical. We look forward to Thursday evening when we can share a little more about how we are doing that as a church family.

Thank you,

Tim B