Who loves a bit of chocolate? by Michaela Vallance
Who loves a bit of chocolate? by Michaela Vallance

This year during Fairtrade Fortnight (25th Feb – 10th March) the Fairtrade Foundation are asking people to join their campaign to ensure cocoa farmers are paid fairly for their work and are able to live a dignified life.

A cocoa farmer in West Africa needs to earn £1.86 a day but typically earns around 74p a day which is little more than we spend on a single bar of chocolate. Almost all cocoa farmers in West Africa live in poverty.

The Fairtrade Foundation is campaigning for a living income to become a reality by working with governments, chocolate companies and retailers to make the commitments and policies necessary to ensure this happens.

Why is Fairtrade chocolate more expensive?

A living income means enough money to live a simple but dignified life, paying for essentials such as clothing, medicine and school. This shouldn’t be a luxury only few can afford. Buying Fairtrade chocolate ensures the Fairtrade farmers receive a living income, but the reality is that there are very many more cocoa farmers living in hardship because they don’t.

What can you do?

Switch to Fairtrade chocolate, even if it means cutting down on the amount of non Fairtrade chocolate you normally buy so that you are not out of pocket.

For more information about Fairtrade visit www.fairtradefoundation.org.uk