Overseas Missions

Overseas Missions

As a church family we support a number of overseas missions.

Romania – Caminul Felix
The Mission of Felix Family Villages Ministry is to expand the reach of Felix Family Village and establish new family villages in collaboration with national Christian churches and organisations in countries where there are abandoned children.

As a church family we have supported Caminul Felix for many many years. Many members of our congregation support the project and we have sent groups over to support the great work. In 2005, 2006, and 2010 a number of our young people visited the project on mission trips.

Thailand – Brian and Margaret Burton
In 1980 Brian and Margaret Burton were sent out from Amblecote having felt the call from God to go and pioneer a church in Thailand. They are now pastoring the Phuket Christian Centre. Following the Tsunami of 2005 Brian and Margaret have been instrumental in the re-development parts of the Island. This includes rebuilding a school, building an orphanage, and re-housing part of the community. To Brian & Margaret’s latest newsletter CLICK HERE

Peru – Margaret Saunderson
Margaret has been in Peru since 1981, involved in a variety of ministries including Bible teaching, camps for teenagers, church planting, social aid programmes and some prison visiting

The first church that Margaret was involved in planting was in VILLA SALVADOR, a shanty town on the outskirts of Lima. This has now grown, a church building has been constructed and most of the responsibility has been handed over to Peruvian Christians. Since then, Margaret has started work in 3 other shanty areas: LA TABLADA, PROCERES, and FUNDO CALIFORNIA. All these started with children’s clubs, which then led to meetings with adults. The meetings are held either in people’s simple homes or on the sand outside. To see the latest news from Margaret in PeruClick Here>                             www.latinlink.org

Africa – Greg Plunkett, SOLMK
Solmk is an indigenous organization in Kenya with an intent to preach the gospel & increase the growth of existing churches & plant new churches ~ as well as to train Christians for the ministry & provide social services for the betterment of society.