Living Missional Lives – Reaching Out In Overseas Mission
Living Missional Lives – Reaching Out In Overseas Mission

Reaching Out In Overseas Mission Interview from our Sunday service 15th March 2020.

Back in January we sent Dave Hadley and Natalie Start to Kissumu, Kenya, to spend some time with a number of missionaries sharing the life, love and gospel of Jesus with the people of Kissumu. This Sunday we’ll hear about what they experienced whilst there. We will also hear from Greg Plunkett, who has been a missionary in Kenya for a number of years.

As we listen to the testimonies of those working in overseas mission may we be reminded and encouraged that there is a mission field right here on our doorstep. We are given the ministry of of reconciliation; the joy and challenge of inviting others to find a right relationship with God. And may we be encouraged that we don’t do this alone, for when we go in mission God goes with us.

The link to read Dave’s article, that Natalie mentions, is here:

Music by The Sense, Youth for Christ touring band 2018/19 (full song).

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