Sun 13th May – Money and the Heart
Sun 13th May – Money and the Heart

Jesus spoke about money all of the time. In fact, around about 1/7th of all his teaching recorded in the gospel has some connection to money and possessions. He spoke more about money than heaven or hell, than sex, than the Holy Spirit, than anything apart from the Kingdom of God! Why was this such a big deal for Jesus?

In this passage we begin to answer that question. Jesus considered money the main rival to God for our worship; he considered what we do with money to be the primary indicator of the reality of our faith. And money is still one of the most important discipleship issues today.

This week we are starting a five-week series on money matters, whilst also continuing to work our way through the sermon on the mount. Our prayer is that through this series we will be challenged and equipped to follow Jesus more fully with our stuff. This is no minor issue but has the potential to radically change the nature of our faith.

Tim M

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