Schools Work

Schools Work

Our work in schools includes mentoring, holiday clubs, Puppets and more.

Transforming Lives for Good – Mentoring in Schools
In partnership with TLG we mentor a number of children in local Schools.

“The programme enables trained volunteers to become coaches and work on a one to one basis with children, with the overall aim of improving a child’s behaviour and in turn raise their levels of learning. TLG trains and equips volunteers with proven resources to help children explore their choices and the consequences of the decisions that they make.”

We currently mentor in Amblecote Primary School, Hawbush Primary School and The Wordsley School.

Paul Willmott
Paul Willmott is a children’s evangelist. Each month Paul visits; Amblecote, Brook, Hawbush and Bromley-Pensnett primary schools. With the help of Kato the lion and other puppet characters, Paul leads Bible based assemblies for the whole school. And also a Bible story time with reception and nursery at Amblecote primary.

Paul shares Bible truths with around 1200 kids and adults in assembly. Paul also makes time to chat with staff before and after assembly, building relationships.

Open the book
In an age where children in schools could easily miss out on learning about Adam and Eve, Noah, David, Jonah … or even the life of Jesus and the stories of the New Testament, Open the Book provides a way of taking the Bible into schools.

Our team of volunteer storytellers use drama, mime, props, costume – even the children and staff themselves – to present Bible stories in ways that are lively, engaging, informative … and great fun for everyone involved! Each session is around 10 minutes long and ends with a short prayer.

We go regularly into Brierley Hill and Ambelcote Primary schools. We also visit Chaddersley Corbett Primary School once every half term.

Bible Explorer
Bible Explorer is a fun way of getting children excited about RE and helps them to discover that the Bible isn’t a boring, old, irrelevant book. It is an educational programme taught exclusively in schools to children in Key Stage 2, years 5 & 6. The aim is to teach children the storyline of the Bible by using storytelling, drama, videos, multi-media and more.

Godly play
Godly play is a style of telling bible stories which we use both within the children’s work in church and also in schools. It is designed to be used ideally with small groups of children and invites the children/listener into the stories and encourages them to connect the stories with personal experiences. Godly play uses symbols and objects as well as words, e.g. Parables are told from gold boxes using materials and plain wooden figures.

Steppup Puppets
We are a group of puppeteers attached to Amblecote Christian centre. We tend to work with children in the first instance, getting involved with School Work, Holiday Clubs and Church Services, although we have done parties. Our numbers can fluctuate but we do have a core of reliable puppeteers. So we are always open to new members trying their hand behind the curtain of becoming a puppeteer. Our material is a mix of parodied songs, sketches and short plays ( as used with Holiday Clubs ) We do record material and produce our own scenery. God is always directing us and blessing us with material, opportunities, and finance. So if you are tempted to get involved with an interesting often hysterical ministry come along and join us. We practice most Thursday nights but in the first instance if you want to contact us do so through the A.C.C. office

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