Working Together for Unity

Working Together for Unity

Based on our understanding of scripture as it reveals the nature of God it is our conviction that God wants to reveal Himself through the unity of believers. The church is far bigger than Amblecote Christian Centre! We are one small part of The Church of Jesus in the world today. Therefore we hold the value of working together in partnership working towards the unity of the church very highly.

In dedicating time, effort, energy and other resources to building strong relational connections with other congregations and ministries we are recognising the Lord’s calling for a greater level and expression of unity. This conviction works its way out in many different ways, we believe we should be involved in our town, borough, region and nation, for example;

Town – CTiBH – We are an active and playing a leading part in the ecumenical partnership of churches together in Brierley Hill. With 60,000 people living in the Brierley Hill ward we have to work together to reach this community.

Borough – Dudley Borough Church Leaders – This network has developed over the last three years and is a relational network of different church leaders from across the borough. This networking includes both church leaders and youth leaders and is led by members of our leadership team. Dudley is our ‘city’ that God has placed us in and we want to reach the 320,000 people that live in this borough.

Region – The Love Black Country, Love Dudley and the NET – We are represented at the core of this relational network of believers that seeks to connect people together in reaching the 1.2million people in our region called the Black Country.

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